Top 3 Tips to Learn a Language!

In this economy, knowing more than one language pays off. In fact, according to, being bilingual can earn you up to 20% more than if you only spoke one language. Learning a language isn’t just for interpreters and translators: whether it’s French, Spanish, or German, speaking another language is a fantastic asset for an... Continue Reading →

Romani: Language of Modern Indian Nomads

The Romani language, much like its speakers, is one of the most elusive languages in modern history. It is spoken by modern nomads called the Roma people, and while the Roma people are fairly widespread in modern Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa, their history and language is the subject of much speculation, and their... Continue Reading →

Is Punjabi a Dialect of Hindi?

Punjabi is a language that I have been surrounded by for almost my entire life. Despite the fact that I have lived in a community with many Punjabi speakers since I was a baby, the language itself has been a source of mystery, and I'm even embarrassed to say that I don't actually know how... Continue Reading →

Can I Speak Spanish? (Spanish vs. French)

Despite being a language freak, I have never studied Spanish... other than that one time in Barcelona when I wanted to order a coffee (Donde esta la biblioteca? No, that's not right). However, since I have been studying French and Italian for a number of years, it got me thinking: since these three languages are part... Continue Reading →

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