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Are you ready to start learning a language but you don’t know where to start? Have you attempted learning a language, but you found yourself losing motivation and momentum and then giving up?

I can help you achieve your language learning dreams.

41715295_240587036803068_9047439451877277696_nWhether you simply want to add another language to your resumé to boost your job prospects or you want to study a language for travel, love, or literature, working with a Language Coach is a great way to learn how to learn a language.

A quick internet search of “How to Study a Language” yields so many results that it’s almost dizzying. By working with a Language Coach, you can determine what path is right for you, no matter what language you want to learn! A Language Coach helps you determine how you learn best and gives you a practical guide for how you can learn a language.

What Happens During a Coaching Session?

Anyone wanting to learn or currently learning a language can benefit from a Language Coaching session. If you want to learn a new language but don’t know how to get started, a one-hour session may consist of:

  • Setting goals and identifying motivations for learning a language.
  • Identifying your learning style to unlock your potential.
  • Accessing the best resources to support your language learning journey at each stage of the journey.
  • Creating a study plan that balances learning grammar and the most useful vocabulary as well as the four areas of language learning: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Seamlessly integrating your study regimen to your daily life (especially if hectic!).

If you have already been studying a language, but you are stuck at a plateau, unable to progress, or discouraged and unmotivated, a one-hour session may consist of:

  • Accessing the best resources to advance your established language capabilities.
  • Creating a study plan that focuses on all of some the four areas of language learning: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This includes advanced language usage such as slang or specialized vocabulary.
  • Methods for how to grow beyond the dreaded Intermediate Plateau (i.e. you have the basics in the language, but you lack the ability to speak about or understand a range of intermediate/advanced topics).
  • Seamlessly integrating your study regimen to your daily life (especially if hectic!).

My Credentials

My combined educational and professional experience gives me great insight into the language learning process. I have two separate university degrees: one with studies in Romance Languages and Linguistics and the other with studies in Education. By combining the most current educational practices with my knowledge of how the brain learns and uses languages, I can help you tap into your innate potential to acquire a foreign language.

I have also worked in the Language Learning industry for 4 years. During that time, I have taught people of all ages to improve their French, English, and Italian, and I worked with prominent language-learning brands such as italki, HelloTalk, and MosaLingua. I have written more than 100 articles about language learning online for sites such as FluentU’s French, English, Italian, and German learners’ blogs, and I have posted my own content on this website as well as my YouTube channel “The Polyglot Files”. During that time, I have learned and improved my own language skills in French, Italian, and German as well as conducted ongoing self-study in Afrikaans, Dutch, Russian, Danish, and Japanese.

Where Do I Sign Up?

To request a Language Coaching Session, simply fill out the web-form below! A single, one-hour Language Coaching Session costs $45 USD, and after the session is complete, learners receive a complementary PDF of all methods, resources, and tips talked about in the session for download and future use.

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